Alligator And Max – Privacy Statement

Alligator and Max
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The game Alligator And Max (c) SideCircle does not collect any personal data and does not ask for permissions others than those needed for the game-play.

On the very first launch, Alligator and Max requests a random user ID on SideCircle’s servers if internet is available, without sending any other personal data. The purpose of this registration is to prepare further development of the game (e.g. buying more game levels, which requires of course to recognize a given unique anonymous user and memorizing bought assets – you won’t want to pay twice, won’t you?).

Alligator And Max uses Fabric/Crashlytics. These services belong to Google. The free version also uses AdMob advertising by Google.

Fabric is used for generic usage information, e.g how many users are actively using Alligator And Max, which levels are completed, and what the distribution adoption on different android versions looks like. We don’t track any specific user and everything is anonymized. In case Alligator And Max crashes it sends an anonymized crash report using the Crashlytics framework. This is only used to improve the stability of the game.

We truly respect your privacy and don’t collect more than strictly necessary to provide a fluid and pleasant game.

The best proof for this engagement is that you can start and play the game without any internet access.